When you learn to use your inner world to cultivate the experience of 


You will become a magnet for the most amazing relationship of your life.

That’s what this course will teach you to do. 
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⫸ You know you are meant for a Great Love in this lifetime, and you’re looking for clear, step-by-step guidance to manifest the most amazing relationship of your life

⫸ Something inside still feels like it’s “hard” manifest and keep an amazing relationship... and you’re ready to fully let go of that reality to attract and keep the greatest love of your life

⫸ You are ready to be the LIVING EMBODIMENT of a person who is fully loved now… and to have that reflection show up in all areas of your life, especially with a romantic partner

⫸ You are ready to be BLOWN AWAY by love itself… to experience love in romantic relationship that is beyond what you’ve ever experienced before… 

⫸ You are ready to say GOODBYE to all the old, limiting stories you carry about relationships, and to step into this new version of yourself who IS loved now (and will continue to be loved throughout your life)

⫸ You are ready to experience the greatest love of your life… a romantic relationship that will surprise and delight you in ways you never knew possible

Investment: $599
Payment Plan Available

⫸ MODULE 1 ⫷

How your relationships unfold is a reflection of your innermost beliefs about relationships and love. What you believe you will receive - and what you believe you won't receive - will all determine your patterns and experiences in romantic love. Your number one goal as someone manifesting love is to transform your inner world to truly believe that you will create and flourish in the greatest relationship of your life. In this Module, you will learn the plan of how to do exactly that. 

⫸ MODULE 2 ⫷

The power of manifesting comes from you BECOMING the person who has your desire now (internally)... before your desire shows up in your outer reality. In this Module, you will be guided through many techniques and exercises to begin thinking and feeling INCREDIBLY LOVED now, which is a KEY to you manifesting the greatest love of your life. 

⫸ MODULE 3 ⫷

I know that you don't want just any love... you want the greatest love of your life. From my experience, there are key techniques that will naturally manifest a relationship that will totally blow you away on every level...  these are the techniques that you'll learn in this Module. Through many exercises, you will be guided to become a "match" for your "match," and you will also learn potent lessons on how to receive, because manifesting love requires us to open up to receiving this amazing love.

⫸ MODULE 4 ⫷

It’s important to look at the ways we block or stall ourselves from manifesting the greatest love into our lives… when we’re ready to create a new reality in relationships, we have to let these old beliefs and stories go. In this Module, you will learn how to uncover your limiting beliefs about love and the processes that will dissolve these fears, doubt and blocks on the spot, so your greatest love is unobstructed and can flow right into your life.

⫸ MODULE 5 ⫷

In the final stages of manifesting your greatest love, you get to relax into the knowing that this love is meant for you. Learn to live in the deepest confidence that this relationship is inevitable and be delighted and excited by the mystery of how your love story unfolds (instead of stressed and looking for it around every corner). Once you land in the KNOWING that you will have this greatest love, it is guaranteed to happen. This Module will show you how.
⫸ Access to a private website with 5 Modules (31 deep-dive video lessons total) teaching you all the steps to EMBODY GREAT LOVE to manifest it into your life

⫸ 5 full length PDF Workbooks filled with exercises guiding you to embody the states that will naturally and powerfully manifest your greatest love

⫸ Lifetime Access to the course after you join

⫸ All the guidance you need to manifest the greatest relationship of your life

Investment: $599
Payment Plan Available
I've been where you are... I know what it's like. 

I used to feel like I was never going to feel stable or satisfied... happy in the greatest relationship of my life. 

And then I decided to do something about it.

I did the inner work and learned how to embody the inner states of being loved, in the greatest relationship of my life, now. 

Very quickly after, my reality shifted to reflect the changes I had made within. 


I want you to remember that the secret to manifesting the greatest love of your life is really quite simple: 

Learn to cultivate the inner states of BEING LOVED NOW... and the love you've always wanted will naturally come to you.
You are here for Great Love.

The key that led me to manifest my greatest love... 

Is the same key that I've taught to thousands of people who have successfully manifested love into their lives over the past 10+ years...

⫸ Use your imagination to cultivate the INNER EXPERIENCE of BEING LOVED NOW ⫷

And the greatest love of your life will automatically and potently come to you.
That's what this course will teach you to do.

Investment: $599
Payment Plan Available
With the deepest love,

After I join, how will I receive the course?
Once you make the payment, you'll receive login details via email within 10 minutes to access the entire course so you can begin your journey to Your Greatest Love right away. 

Is this course for people manifesting a specific person or new love? 
Both. I do not address manifesting a specific person directly in this course, however this course will undoubtedly help you do that. And if you are manifesting a new love (the greatest relationship of your life), this course is perfect for you.

How is this course different from Shelly’s other courses? 
All of Shelly’s courses are both different and similar to each other. Her courses are similar in the sense that Shelly teaches manifesting in a very particular way, so you will experience her style of teaching in all of her courses. And her courses are also all different in that each course will take you on a unique journey (different than any of her other courses) to arrive into the state of the wish fulfilled of your desired result. There will always be some repeat material in her courses (for example, she teaches "Self Love" in almost all of them)... AND there will always be new exercises and new material, too.

Are there refunds? 
There are no refunds for this course, so please ensure you want the material before you purchase. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the course before joining:

Are there live calls? 
This is a self-study course which means you receive the whole course as soon as you join. There is not a live component to this course.

I’m a man, will this course help me? 
Yes! Men (and everyone) are always welcome into Shelly's courses. Her courses are not gender-specific - the methods in this course will work for everyone.

Who do I contact if I want to pay with PayPal or need other technical support? - Shelly’s customer service team is there to help you out.
Investment: $599
Payment Plan Available

"Shelly's manifest love course is hands-down the most targeted and focused material I've encountered to date for the individual seeking a life fulfilled with love. She beautifully nailed it, with both precision and caring. I would be hard-pressed to think of any woman for whom this course would not be transformative and enlightening." 

- Mary Lou

"I want to give you a huge, huge thank you. I love this course and I'm the happiest I've ever been with myself. I have grown so much and I continue to grow. And I love myself Shelly, in a warm, compassionate way. I want to acknowledge how much you've shown me the path to happiness. This course is the best value for money that I've ever spent in my life." 

- Lynn

"Finding Shelly and her course came at a time when I felt certain love wasn't in the stars for me. Although I didn't fully expect that love would come into my life as a direct result of this course, I stayed open and committed to doing the exercises. Then three weeks later, a wonderful man walked into my life!" 

- Rachel

"I've learned how important it is to become infused with Love everyday. I've gained such clarity about what I want in a relationship and more importantly, that I am worthy of great love."

- Leah

"I just want to say THANK YOU for your guidance. I've been with the most amazing man since November; he's so loving, kind, funny, and more than I ever thought was possible for me. I am beyond happy."

- Michelle

"A few weeks later I met a man who is everything I had been wishing for for 4 years. We are deeply in love. Words can't express my gratitude - Shelly is the real deal."

- Adelma

"I got engaged to an amazing man last night! Without your books and courses, I would not be here today. I am not
even slightly exaggerating when I say that the day I discovered your work was
the day that my entire life changed. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Darcy

"I took your course last year and before I even finished it, I met the man of my dreams! We are so in love - it's amazing. Needless to say, because this course worked so well for me, I have the same high expectations for your other courses, too. Thank you for offering your gift to the world and helping others the way that you do."

- Emyrald

"I just finished your eCourse and it honestly changed my life. And - I just wanted to share because I know you'll like this - there I was in the grocery store 2 days ago and a complete stranger came up and asked me out!" 

- Angie

"I can't even express how much of a difference this course has made in my life. It was the guiding hand that helped me out of the lost, love-despair space I was stuck in." 

- Summer

"I've been working with other healing and therapy forms for 16 years, but when I started your eCourse something new happened. I discovered how strong self-belief is. I saw that what you focus on, you become." 

- Sidsel

"Thank you for this beautiful, transformative course. It's causing a metamorphosis within me - I love it and it brings me clarity every day."

- Sonali

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